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We have an assortment of bereavement books available to our clients and to veterinarian clinic staff. We will add more books to expand our library. If there are relevant books that you would like us to acquire and which may help us improve our service, please let us know. We welcome your suggestions! We hope you find these titles helpful.

Alternatively you can purchase some of our library titles below.

Eleanor L. Harris

In Pet Loss, Eleanor Harris offers valuable advice on handling this feeling of awkwardness. Rather than repressing the emotions that surround a pets death, Harris encourages her readers to express the pain they feel and the love they remember.

Herbert A. Nieburg

This book encourages those who have suffered the loss of a pet to acknowledge such grief and tells them how to cope with the situation

Hans Wilhelm

In this gentle, moving story, Elfie, a dachshund, and her special boy progress happily through life together. One morning Elfie does not wake up. The family grieves and buries her.

Judith Viorst, Erik Blegvad (Illustrator)

Barney was a cat. He died last Friday and everyone was sad. They did what most people do when a cat dies. They had a funeral and then they tried to think of good things about him. They wanted to remember him as he was; and they thought about some other things, too. Whenever a cat dies, or a bird, or any friend, it can be a little like this story about Barney.

Marc Tolon Brown (Illustrator)

Explains in simple language the feelings people may have regarding the death of a loved one and the ways to honour the memory of someone who has died.

Fred Rogers, Jim Judkins (Photographer)

In this useful book from the First Experience series, the affable star of Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood helps children share feelings of the loss of a pet while offering reassurance that grieving is a natural, healing thing to do. A sensitive and sensible book about death. When a Pet Dies assures youngsters that no matter how badly they feel when they lose a pet, in time their hurt will ease, and they will be able to remember with fondness the happiness they shared.

Laurel E. Hunt (Editor)

This eloquent salute to dogs features the word of famous scribes and includes memorable selections by such literary luminaries as Rudyard Kipling, Eugene O’Neill, and William Wordsworth. Written from the early 1800s through to the present day, these verses and stories form a timeless tribute to the special place of dogs in our lives and validate the pain and loss experienced when they are gone.

Kaetheryn Walker, Jeannine Ann (Illustrator)

Stories that address the grieving process of humans and animals who have lost their companions and that give advice on how best to help yourself and others recover. Gives practical advice on recovery, including self-care, support systems, and homeopathic recipes, and also discusses the painful topic of euthanasia. The first book to address the topic of animal grief at the loss of a companion, explaining how to recognise grief in animals and how to help them heal.

Howard Bronson

For anyone who has lost a pet, Bronson has created a rare, deeply empathetic and healing book. Filled with endearing vignettes and actual children’s illustrations of their own pets.

Christine Davis (Illustrator)

For Every Dog An Angel is a light, magical little book that honours the timeless connection between people and their canine companions. Written from the heart after the unexpected loss of her “forever dog” Martha, this charming book will bring comfort to anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to their best four-legged friend.

Cheryl A. Underhill M.Ed. LPC, Kathy FerDon (Illustrator)

This book helps sensitively to deal with pet loss. With simple, yet descriptive illustrations and a sensitive, caring tone in the text, the reader is helped therapeutically in dealing with what might be the first death a child has experienced. The reader is invited and encouraged to feel his feelings and is given practical ideas on ways to help work through the loss.


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