The NZPCA strongly recommends that the public use a “member only” registered crematorium to ensure they are using a provider with ethical standards.

The pet cremation industry in New Zealand has been established for many years now and has been serving the needs of pet owners to a high standard since its inception.


Up until this time the industry never had a governing body and the individual crematoriums operated in isolation resulting in a variance of type and quality of services provided.


In 2001 the leading pet crematoriums throughout New Zealand set out to form an industry association to promote ethical standards and therefore enhance the public’s trust in the post-life care of animal companions.


A pet owner should always be sure that their final decision is their own, regardless of who does or doesn’t agree with them.


On the 15th day of July 2002 “The New Zealand Pet Crematorium Association Incorporated” was registered. The founding members of this association cover New Zealand from Whangarei to Mosgiel.


As members, they are committed and accountable for the services they provide. NZPCA provides education, information, products, programs and services to help members enhance the quality of the service to pet owners.


It is important that pet owners feel comfortable about making enquiries and planning for their pets post-life care. Death, be it human or pet, is still commonly regarded as a taboo subject but should a pet die either suddenly or from a prolonged illness it is important that the pet owner is totally at ease with their companion’s post-life care.


Pre-planning not only allows the pet owner to grieve without additional stress, but also saves them from self recrimination should they make a quick, inappropriate decision at the moment of emotion turmoil – a sense of finished business unmarked by lingering regret.


A pet owner should always be sure that their final decision is their own, regardless of who does or doesn’t agree with them.



Members of the New Zealand Pet Crematorium Association recognise the responsibilities entrusted to them in their relationships with:

(a) The bereaved they serve.
(b) The public at large.
(c) The profession of which they are a part.

Specifically they have agreed:

  1. To accept as a duty the maintenance of truth, accuracy, dignity and good taste.
  2. To maintain in all matters the highest standard of business, professional and personal conduct.
  3. To respect in all circumstances the confidentiality and trust placed in them by reason of their function and calling.
  4. To preserve within the bounds of dignity, good taste, and practicality, the right of personal choice and decision-making for the families they serve, and due regard for the ethnic origin and spiritual beliefs of the deceased pets family.
  5. To maintain competent personnel with facilities and equipment adequate to provide a comprehensive pet cremation service.
  6. To provide accurate information concerning the range of services and merchandise available, the prices of the same, and the functions and responsibilities accepted on behalf of their clients.



For further information regarding “The New Zealand Pet Crematorium Association (Inc) you can contact one of the following members:


Head Office: Phone 0508 273 636