Each family has different needs and expectations. 

We provide professional cremation services for all pets including birds, cats, dogs, rabbits and other pet companions. Our personal touch helps to ease the heart breaking time people face over the loss of their pets.



This service is available to those pet owners who want their pets cremated privately or who might want to wait while the service is being performed. By appointment clients may wish to view the cremation from our viewing/mourning room. While waiting for the cremation to finish, the pet owner may browse through our bereavement and grief management library. This cremation will take between two and three hours.

This service gives privacy in the cremation chamber and assures the owner peace of mind that the pet was accorded the highest degree of care. Ashes are returned in a pine urn - or cardboard urn if requested.

A cremation certificate will be issued. Ashes can be taken home by the pet owner in the case of a witnessed cremation or can be delivered back to their Veterinary Clinic or Home within 24 hours.



In this procedure, pets are placed by an automatic loading table into individual and separate positions within the cremation chamber. The ashes are then individually placed in a pine/cardboard urn and a certificate will be provided. We guarantee that the ashes returned are those of your pet.



This inexpensive service is provided as a humane means of final disposal. Pets are cremated in groups.

This service is for clients who do not wish to retain the remains of their pets, but still wish their pet to have the highest quality of care. Pets@Rest will be responsible for their final resting place. These remains, together with the remains of other pets will be disposed of according to the current environmental laws.



For a service fee, and by arrangement only,  we offer a home pickup service. Delivery of the ashes back to the client’s home can also be arranged. Please phone 09 633 0203 to arrange this service.

 pine urnlarge pine urn

Note: All ashes returned come in our standard pine urns (except for communal cremation).  A cardboard urn for those wishing to scatter or bury their pet’s ashes can also be requested.